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The Mission Week Cuiabá

The Mission Week – a special form by which will live the program “Days in the Dioceses” will be celebrated one week before the World Youth Day (WYD), in order to prepare the great happening. 
The Mission Week, in the Archdiocese of Cuiabá will afford the young pilgrims to the possibility to know our Christian experience, our social and cultural work, to change experiences, to make a meaningful experience of faith. In a very special sense, the pilgrims will be received by hospitable families that will show affinities in Christian values and ethical principles.


In this very moment of preparation to the World Youth Day, foreign youngsters will be able to give their contribution to the local Church, by joining the youth evangelization process, besides partaking in all the programming prepared by the Archdiocese.
As a living Church, always in mission, the Archdiocese of  Cuiabá, identifies itself with the Project of the Mission Week and welcomes, with open arms, the pilgrims from all over the world, who decided to know this Church full of challenges and great joys.

Please, your attention:
 “Days in the Dioceses” will happen the week before the WYD in the dioceses of the country. They will be an occasion to the youngsters to make a meaningful experience of faith, and the culture of solidarity. 

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